Business leaders are constantly striving to achieve goals necessary to ensure growth and success. They train employees to do effective work. They strive to create strategies to retain customers and/or clients, as well as maintain relationships with a variety of stakeholders. One of the things that many of these leaders may not consider is how much of an impact professional sanitation makes to an organization. A clean business is a safe business for employees, clients, and other significant figures. We offer a multitude of services to ensure that your business meets all sanitation standards.

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What We Do

Formula One Commercial Cleaning services proudly provides businesses in the great Houston Metropolitan area with a multitude of services. Our cleaners have years of experience performing cleaning services for commercial entities. Most of all, our cleaners know that your business creates a significant impact on many stakeholders. We know that the materials and surroundings that make your business what it is of great importance, therefore, our cleaners are trained to sanitate such surroundings with great care. Our cleaners are trustworthy, responsible, and ethical. Various background investigations have been processed to ensure that our cleaners are able to perform sanitation duties, giving business representatives peace of mind.

Our services are tailored to the needs of your business but generally includes some of these core offerings:

Restroom Cleaning and Sanitation:

Possibly the most utilized room for employees and customers alike. We can sanitize sinks, disinfect toilets and urinals and other areas within a restroom setting.

Window and Blind Cleaning:

Dirty windows and blinds can turn off potential customers and/or clients. Having these materials visibly dirty highlights unprofessionalism. Maintain your windows and blinds clean at all times with the assistance of our Formula One cleaners.

Kitchen Cleaning and Restocking:

Whether it is the office break room or a Michelin star rated kitchen, Formula One can keep it clean. Let us help you properly sanitize this integral space keeping it free from unwanted organisms and critters. Let us also help you restock items to better facilitate any activities performed in a kitchen.

Dust Cleaning:

Formula One cleaners will successfully minimize dust, pollen, bacteria and other harmful particles to ensure that your business is in compliance with state and federal health regulations.

Floor Cleaning:

Whether you have vinyl, tile, ceramic, concrete, or rubber flooring, we can effectively sanitize your floors according to floor style and type to ensure safety and durability.

Carpet Cleaning:

To have the best appearing carpet, businesses must ensure carpets are properly maintained on a constant basis. Let us help you maintain and/or improve the quality of the carpet within your business.

Trash Collection and Removal:

We can remove a variety of waste types. These include organic and recyclable waste. Trash collection and removal is necessary to safeguard the health of individuals within a business. Let Formual One handle the trash as a part of our evening cleans.

And More...

Our services are customized to meet your business' specific needs.

How We Work

What makes differentiates us from other commercial cleaning companies is the personalized approach to form relationships with our clients. We fully understand that a business is more than just a business. Your appearance, message, and impression are all factors in determining the success of your company. Our process begins with a base quote. We then conduct a walk through to customize a company package. We begin the process of getting you a quote first with a conversation during which we'll schedule a walk through. This is key to ensure that your services are tailored for your business' specific needs. We offer businesses flexibility regarding time and frequency of services. While we are able to provide one-time services as needed, our primary goal is to build strong relationships that ensure that Formula One is your business' dedicated formula for clean.

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Who We Work With

There are a variety of businesses that need effective professional cleaning services. We are able to sanitize establishments of any square footage. Whether your business is a small, local enterprise, or a multinational corporation, the needs of your organization will be met. Sanitation is an important component to any business no matter the industry. Formula One Commercial Cleaning is a strong supporter of keeping Houston-area businesses sanitized to ensure that employees, customers/clients, and other important stakeholders are safe at all times. The industries we are proud to provide cleaning services to, is as diverse as the region we call home.

Educational Facilities and daycare cleaning services
Daycare Centers
Education Facilities
Fitness Facilities
Healthcare Facilities
Small Businesses
Spas & Salons
Commercial Cleaning services for auto dealerships and retail
Auto Dealerships
Hotels & Hospitality
Restaurant, Hotel, Bar, Cafe, and Spa Commercial Cleaning services
Bars & Nightclubs
Office Buildings
Warehouses & Factories
Places of Worship
Commercial Cleaning services for offices, small business, and property management

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