About Us

Mission Statement:

To ensure businesses continuously meet sanitation standards to keep employees safe and productive while simultaneously helping respective organizations project professionalism through cleanliness.

Vision Statement:

To build long-lasting client relations that best help us help Houston Area businesses create customized cleaning solutions that are aimed at ensuring business efficiency, growth, and success.

The Formula One Promise

Obtaining adequate cleaning services is one thing. Receiving outstanding customer service is another. We ensure that our clients are given top priority. It is necessary for our company to form bonds with clients. This bond creates trust. Trust between the client and customer is essential to the success of any business-oriented relationship. We strive to build your trust and ensure that you are satisfied with our services. There are a few commercial cleaning companies that have the personal, customer service oriented belief. We are here to show business owners how we work diligently to ensure that our clients are satisfied with superb professional cleaning services. We work to ensure that the bonds that we make with businesses will last.

That is the Formula One promise.

About Formula One

Formula One Commercial Cleaning is a cleaning company that is dedicated to serving the sanitation needs of businesses and organizations in Houston and surrounding areas. We work diligently to ensure that Formula One cleaned establishments are spaces employees, clients/customers, and other important stakeholders are proud to be in. A sanitized business is a striving business. A sanitized business is a leading business.

What differentiates us from other commercial cleaning companies is our personal, customer service-oriented approach when forming relationships with businesses that are searching for reputable cleaning services. Our services are flexible and customized all based on your desired time, frequency, and company needs.

Our qualifications include:
  • We are a bonded and insured business.
  • We are registered with the BBB (the Better Business Bureau).
  • We are a Green E certified business, therefore we only utilize organic cleaning materials to perform sanitation duties.

Have questions? Or are you ready to improve your business' formula for clean? Contact us today for a free consultation.